You can find a complete list of our Staff Picks for kids in the BOOKS section of the library website. You can see a link to this page in the top main menu of the website. Click on BOOKS and look for the Kids Picks feature box on the web page. 

You may also find the same feature box in another section, such as PARENTS, but BOOKS is the home base for our Staff Pick lists for kids and adults, so you'll always find links to booklists in the BOOKS section of the website. 

When you click on 'Kids Picks,' you are directed to a catalogue page where you can explore booklists and recommended reads on so many different topics, all curated by BPL Children's staff. 

If you are looking for book recommendations on a specific topic or for a specific age, please give us a call at 905.639.3611 or get in touch using the Contact Us form.

Read How do I find book recommendations for teens? for another good way to find Staff Picks lists by age group.